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war of supercomputer found new level

war of supercomputer found new level quote from we found china have one of highest super computer who claim the fastest supercomputer in the world with 1,271 petaflop/s.
The most powerful systems are measured in petaflops, which means they are capable of a quadrillion calculations per second. The fastest, released after the latest TOP500 Supercomputer list, this month, China Tianhe 2.5 petaflop-1A. Exascale system is measured in a exaflops exaflop is a billion (or a million billion) floating point operations per second. China, Europe and Japan are working on platforms Exascale.

Beckman, newly appointed director of the newly Exascale and Computer Technology Institute and the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, spoke to Computerworld on some of the challenges.

What is the effort Exascale now? It is the realization or the realization that we need hardware, software and applications for a new model to move. The Department of Energy and others looking at this, but do not start the initial planning, funding is the funding.

The effort of software that I am a leader, Jack Dongarra [professor of computer science at the University of Tennessee and leading researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory] and some of the parties co-design planning money to start but after the intervention of Government is to present an ambitious plan and a true real-funded plan to do this.

What's going on, and I'm sure your readers and other limitations of knowledge is power, budgets, architecture, clock speeds have changed what happened to all levels of processing. In the past, a CPU, maybe had two, I see now, laptop computers with four cores, eight cores, and only see the disaster that has happened, which exploits the parallelism. We must adapt algorithms and applications to exploit parallelism.

At the same time, in terms of hardware and software systems, there is a huge shift in the issues of power and data center management - everything in the room by default Web server, which occurred in High Performance Computing happened. But in high-performance computing, we expect three to five years.

Consider a time machine. What happened in high performance computing servers will be in terms of technical performance and, ultimately, your laptop.

We are looking for this great change and say what we need is an organized effort by hardware, software and applications to combat it. Only one of them. In the past, manufacturers have devised a new system and then it snaps out and you look at it and asks: "How can I port my code to this" or "What we're in this model is improved search for" co-design '- a term used in the embedded computing space, where users of the system hardware, and software architects and all other men, compensation to do so, the top supercomputer optimization is to look at the applications of science.

Sabtu, 20 November 2010

AMD: Unlock Core easy overclock

amd have feature for unlock core from 2 core (x2) into 4 core (x4) this feature can easy for overclock your system. but not all proc can be unlock stable and we must have mother board with feature acc unlock on bios. below is several proc can be unlock:

  1. sempron 140 this procesor can be unlock to x2 440 regor if you lucky you will see this proc can be run at 3.00 ghz stable
  2. x2 5000+ this procesor can be unlock into phenom x4 b55 but this procesor is difficult product
  3. x3 440 this procesor can be unlock into phenom x4 b40
  4. phenom x2 555 this procesor can be unlock into phenom x4 b55
for maximal feature unlock the system must be have a minimum specification hard accept motherboard, memory, power supply because with this procesor can be unlock stable. for motherboard we can use a several series from biostar, msi, jetway etc with 785 chipset or above. for now i'm use biostar 785 a2+ with sempron 140 unlock into x2 440

iptables firewall for linux

firewall for linux, firewall is script or packet software for protect your network or server from attack from other network. iptables is powerfull packet software on linux for firewall. iptables preserves the basic ideas introduced with ipfwadm: lists of rules each of which specified what to match within a packet, and what to do with such a packet.

iptables extended this further into tables: one table was consulted when deciding whether to NAT a packet, and another consulted when deciding how to filter a packet. In addition, the three filtering points in a packet's journey were altered such that any packet only passes through one filtering point. basic filtering with iptables is with chain below:

“PREROUTING”: all data Packets will in to this chain before a routing decision is made.

“INPUT”: all data Packet will deliver locally delivered. It does't have anything to do with processes having a socket open. Local delivery is controlled by the “local-delivery” routing table: `ip route show table local`.)

“FORWARD”: All data packets that have been routed and not for local delivery will traverse this chain.

“OUTPUT”: all data Packets sent from the system itself and will be visiting this chain rule.

“POSTROUTING”: Routing decision has been made and all Packets enter this chain just before handing them off to the hardware.

Each rule in a chain contains the specification of which packets it matches. It may also contain a target (used for extensions) or verdict (one of the built-in decisions). As a packet traverses a chain, each rule in turn is examined. If a rule does not match the packet, the packet is passed to the next rule

basic linux security tip

linux is open source operating system with unix like kernel. founder linux, linus trovald say if linux is for open source development. in linux system we know about firewall can use to protect our system from attack outside. phising, malware, spam or denial of service. below tips for basic security for protect your system :

  1. open just for use port for your system you can use iptables for open and close port on your system.
  2. change your password for one week
  3. change default port for ssh with 2222 or other and filter your outside network for access it
  4. use secure ftp for file transfer
  5. limit udp trafic from outside network to protect your network or system from denial of service.
  6. change permision file with read only
  7. and last always update your repisitory
usually linux use iptables for default firewall. but we can use ip chains if that more familiar.

Jumat, 19 November 2010

Router: Denial Of Service Attacks

The routers are not perfect. In this respect, nothing. So if someone in a router can handle more than one way is to do so. We will see the call denial of service attacks.

A router can only handle so much information at once. Each machine has its limits and the router, there are exceptions. Well, if the trend of denial of service attacks hurt early in this century began, the routers were not prepared for them. To understand what was happening began to offset the problem started. But there was a way. To understand this we must first understand what a denial of service attack.

A denial of service attack is as it seems. It is he who prevents the router from your router or network maintenance. The question is: how? As mentioned, a router can only handle so much information in a time when they move. be overloaded if too much information to start the router and can not be derived from the information fast enough. Finally, what has happened this slows down the network to the point where nobody has access. In a denial of service attack, which is a deliberate attempt to cause this problem, please send a person a great deal of information from one computer to the router at a time. Ultimately, this effectively closing the network. The reason is that the trickle down effect. Once the main router overcrowding, they begin to start to feel the rest of the network connection with full control. These messages will cascade throughout the network until the network is full, and no one can communicate with each server in the network.

If companies and websites to understand what happened began to introduce safeguards started. They were the controls in the software of the router to see if a lot of information comes from an IP address. If so, then the information once and not try to pass it. It seemed that the problem is resolved. Not so.

The attacker began to discover that when they send this huge amount of information from multiple computers or IP addresses, the router would not know that was a denial of service attack in progress, because you see all this information from multiple locations. Ultimately, once again, the network is effectively eliminated.

In response, manufacturers of routers, additional guarantees for its routers in an unusual position simply to control traffic. The problem is that in some cases, there are a lot of traffic is normal, as in the case of a news site about the congestion, because of a story comes on the radio a lot.

It remains to be seen whether the attacker or router manufacturer to win this wa

IT consulting firm requires patience and dedication

IT consulting firm requires patience and dedication. The hardest part is often more new customers. In this article you will learn the steps you should consider before starting an IT consulting practice.

Step Sixteen: Get your network in a monitoring plan

Each business card to collect, record the date and other relevant information that you have done. If you ask a follow-up, as I said, 'hey call me around "or" hey, I called on Tuesday for the establishment of jump "on this immediately.

Follow the application tomorrow, if not before. If you do not follow a personal interview, send a handwritten note, what we expect from you and if you need any help between now and when we meet again, call me, he says. Insert the card in the laptop, and we keep a Rolodex card and put it at 30, called the calendar 60 days.

Step Seventeen: Re-evaluate your network settings

Check the different groups of networks, as a guest. What did you like? They have the best possible opportunities for most businesses? Home support and participation. The goal is to understand and increase their profile within the community.

Look for at least four groups and join them. Make your check personally to the principal or head office. Immediately and say that this new IT consulting and business you are looking for small businesses to help with LAN, etc. Ask them what is the best way for small entrepreneurs who know more advisory and consultancy services.

In any case, 60-90 minutes, you should talk to eight or ten people. Half of them can be a waste of time, that is, half of them are potential customers, half of these references as possible. It 's a matter of being organized and keep your name on them.

After the first 90 days and one of these every week, go to a more sustainable network.

Eighteen step: its first direct mail campaign

Do you have certificates in place of its previous customers, and its network of organizations directly onto a CD to get. Send a personal letter and card that can be customized for each member of the sweet spot IT consulting. Provide a bonus 30 minutes of needs assessment with an expiration date. Tell them that we are seeing in the upcoming events and you can always follow with a phone call.

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Make Money Online With Domain Names

Domain names have become a very popular way to make money online, and some of these names may go for quite a profit. When the Internet first became popular, there were some people who had the foresight to buy the rights to some domain names that are very sought after. A domain name becomes public if the website owner forgets to renew the name with the provider, so it becomes a public domain name. These public domain names are available for purchase or lease.

Some investors will snatch up domain names when they become available, and then resell or lease the domain name to a website to be used for redirecting traffic to that site. The investor makes money and the website that gets the rights to the domain name can increase their traffic considerably. This process requires you to get the rights to use the domain name, and then sell it to a competing business which offers the same products or services.

There is also a market for domain names with the original owner who let the domain name lapse, most of the time because of simple forgetfullness. A lot of times these owners have invested considerable time, effort, and money into their website, so they are more than willing to pay to keep it. These owners will usually buy the domain name back from you if given a chance, sometimes at a large profit.

A third way to make money online with domain names is to buy up generic domain names that contain certain industry ketwords, and then offer to sell them within that industry to redirect traffic to the buyer's main website. The generic keywords will vary from industry to industry, so finding out the best keywords for the industry you are targeting is a good idea with this method. Generic domain names like, or will have interested buyers in these industries, so finding one is just a matter of marketing your service to find the buyers.

Making money online with domain names can be a very lucrative source of income if it is done properly. Public domain names become available constantly, mostly because of a negligence to renew them. The three main markets for domain names include buyers who wish to use the domain name to redirect traffic to their own website, buyers who have lost the domain name because they forgot to renew it and have spent a lot to create the site, so they are willing to pay to regain the domain name, and domain names that contain industry specific generic keywords.

You can also make money with domain names by gathering up generic domain names that contain buzz words within an industry and offering them to the highest bidder to be redirected toward a main site. As an example, if you had control of a URL like “" chances are you would find interest on the part of a number of the teleconferencing companies around the world. It is relatively easy to make money selling domain names that are generic but still apply to a particular service offering.

To make money with domain names, you have to have an eye for what will resell in a reasonable amount of time, understand what the market will bear, and have plenty of answers to the question "how can I make money with a domain name?" Any speculator who can do this will know exactly how to make money from public domain names.