Jumat, 19 November 2010

Router: Denial Of Service Attacks

The routers are not perfect. In this respect, nothing. So if someone in a router can handle more than one way is to do so. We will see the call denial of service attacks.

A router can only handle so much information at once. Each machine has its limits and the router, there are exceptions. Well, if the trend of denial of service attacks hurt early in this century began, the routers were not prepared for them. To understand what was happening began to offset the problem started. But there was a way. To understand this we must first understand what a denial of service attack.

A denial of service attack is as it seems. It is he who prevents the router from your router or network maintenance. The question is: how? As mentioned, a router can only handle so much information in a time when they move. be overloaded if too much information to start the router and can not be derived from the information fast enough. Finally, what has happened this slows down the network to the point where nobody has access. In a denial of service attack, which is a deliberate attempt to cause this problem, please send a person a great deal of information from one computer to the router at a time. Ultimately, this effectively closing the network. The reason is that the trickle down effect. Once the main router overcrowding, they begin to start to feel the rest of the network connection with full control. These messages will cascade throughout the network until the network is full, and no one can communicate with each server in the network.

If companies and websites to understand what happened began to introduce safeguards started. They were the controls in the software of the router to see if a lot of information comes from an IP address. If so, then the information once and not try to pass it. It seemed that the problem is resolved. Not so.

The attacker began to discover that when they send this huge amount of information from multiple computers or IP addresses, the router would not know that was a denial of service attack in progress, because you see all this information from multiple locations. Ultimately, once again, the network is effectively eliminated.

In response, manufacturers of routers, additional guarantees for its routers in an unusual position simply to control traffic. The problem is that in some cases, there are a lot of traffic is normal, as in the case of a news site about the congestion, because of a story comes on the radio a lot.

It remains to be seen whether the attacker or router manufacturer to win this wa

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