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IT consulting firm requires patience and dedication

IT consulting firm requires patience and dedication. The hardest part is often more new customers. In this article you will learn the steps you should consider before starting an IT consulting practice.

Step Sixteen: Get your network in a monitoring plan

Each business card to collect, record the date and other relevant information that you have done. If you ask a follow-up, as I said, 'hey call me around "or" hey, I called on Tuesday for the establishment of jump "on this immediately.

Follow the application tomorrow, if not before. If you do not follow a personal interview, send a handwritten note, what we expect from you and if you need any help between now and when we meet again, call me, he says. Insert the card in the laptop, and we keep a Rolodex card and put it at 30, called the calendar 60 days.

Step Seventeen: Re-evaluate your network settings

Check the different groups of networks, as a guest. What did you like? They have the best possible opportunities for most businesses? Home support and participation. The goal is to understand and increase their profile within the community.

Look for at least four groups and join them. Make your check personally to the principal or head office. Immediately and say that this new IT consulting and business you are looking for small businesses to help with LAN, etc. Ask them what is the best way for small entrepreneurs who know more advisory and consultancy services.

In any case, 60-90 minutes, you should talk to eight or ten people. Half of them can be a waste of time, that is, half of them are potential customers, half of these references as possible. It 's a matter of being organized and keep your name on them.

After the first 90 days and one of these every week, go to a more sustainable network.

Eighteen step: its first direct mail campaign

Do you have certificates in place of its previous customers, and its network of organizations directly onto a CD to get. Send a personal letter and card that can be customized for each member of the sweet spot IT consulting. Provide a bonus 30 minutes of needs assessment with an expiration date. Tell them that we are seeing in the upcoming events and you can always follow with a phone call.

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