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war of supercomputer found new level

war of supercomputer found new level quote from we found china have one of highest super computer who claim the fastest supercomputer in the world with 1,271 petaflop/s.
The most powerful systems are measured in petaflops, which means they are capable of a quadrillion calculations per second. The fastest, released after the latest TOP500 Supercomputer list, this month, China Tianhe 2.5 petaflop-1A. Exascale system is measured in a exaflops exaflop is a billion (or a million billion) floating point operations per second. China, Europe and Japan are working on platforms Exascale.

Beckman, newly appointed director of the newly Exascale and Computer Technology Institute and the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, spoke to Computerworld on some of the challenges.

What is the effort Exascale now? It is the realization or the realization that we need hardware, software and applications for a new model to move. The Department of Energy and others looking at this, but do not start the initial planning, funding is the funding.

The effort of software that I am a leader, Jack Dongarra [professor of computer science at the University of Tennessee and leading researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory] and some of the parties co-design planning money to start but after the intervention of Government is to present an ambitious plan and a true real-funded plan to do this.

What's going on, and I'm sure your readers and other limitations of knowledge is power, budgets, architecture, clock speeds have changed what happened to all levels of processing. In the past, a CPU, maybe had two, I see now, laptop computers with four cores, eight cores, and only see the disaster that has happened, which exploits the parallelism. We must adapt algorithms and applications to exploit parallelism.

At the same time, in terms of hardware and software systems, there is a huge shift in the issues of power and data center management - everything in the room by default Web server, which occurred in High Performance Computing happened. But in high-performance computing, we expect three to five years.

Consider a time machine. What happened in high performance computing servers will be in terms of technical performance and, ultimately, your laptop.

We are looking for this great change and say what we need is an organized effort by hardware, software and applications to combat it. Only one of them. In the past, manufacturers have devised a new system and then it snaps out and you look at it and asks: "How can I port my code to this" or "What we're in this model is improved search for" co-design '- a term used in the embedded computing space, where users of the system hardware, and software architects and all other men, compensation to do so, the top supercomputer optimization is to look at the applications of science.

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