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The wiring of your home computer - or an still a requirement?

The wiring of your home computer - or an still a requirement? With the proliferation of wireless networks and communication technologies, it is really that strong temptation to cut the umbilical cord and a considerable saving in the process. But is that all users have a common computer network can only be done with a wireless network? Let's look at a number of advantages and disadvantages:

1. One of the main advantages of a wired network, the available bandwidth, or simply speed. At present, the connection speed through a simple and inexpensive CAT5E cable 1000Mbit/sec, while providing the best, IEEE802.11g (one of the many flavors of Wi-Fi), only 54Mbit/sec. It may not seem as important as you think you just speed DSL Internet and available for browsing 1.5Mbit/sec. should, but if you print to the network connection to a remote printer, you should note that the print jobs, depending on the amount of image data on them easily in the tens and even hundreds of megabytes. take, because 1 byte = 8 bits, 100 MB of a print job 15 seconds (and in fact this time, much more) with a Wi-Fi access, transfer, and this reduces the time of only 1 second or less tied to 1000 Mbit / s Ethernet. The same applies to the transfer of client files, backup files on other computers on the network, etc.
2. Today it is not possible and it is unlikely to be released in the future the power of your network device through the wireless connection. Unless, of course, are ready to be exposed to very high levels of microwave radiation. This type of device that "no connection" in the market, since it is actually very connected to the network or the cable must be recharged every so often. Electricity demand is increasingly important for devices that should always be online, such as the phones are. Therefore, it is the best way to do this is through a power cable and communication signal connected simultaneously.
3. Wireless communications are private and require all the multimedia equipment to transmit signals. The same CAT5E cable without changes to telephone, computer network, balanced line audio, baseband video and many other applications, more specialized and Control "signals. With the cheap adapters called" can carry Baluns, "the same number of TV channels to cable broadband or baseband video signal, such as the production of security cameras over long distances. All of these applications, unless the team, of course, require special monitoring equipment is expensive, If a Wi-Fi became available.
4. The cost-benefits that do not pass the cables through the house is not as simple as that. After installing a wireless home network, you need only have a single application eliminates the wires - the computer network. A modern home requires, however, all types of cables that run without regard to computers. The power and phones are obvious examples, such as thermostats and security systems. Wired speakers are widespread and most families have intercom systems as a desirable option, and also require extensive wiring. It 's very likely that these companies are the telephone and cable protection is rated cable, computer management - CAT5 or higher. If you build a house, make the choice of IT cabling is available in their new home and our advice, go ahead and buy a close outside the walls. E 'rather complicated and expensive to install the cable later. As a further analysis of costs and benefits of a computer network cable, you will find that all modern computers ship with Ethernet network card included, and the latest models come with 1000MBit/sec cards, which are essentially free for 'the team owner.

There are several sources of information for planning and designing of residential cabling for voice, data, audio, video and other applications. One of the best sources TIA/EIA-570B standard is angry, the release of most of them published in 2004. The rule describes the types of lines, the largest cable in a single, multi-unit and the recommended amount of cables depending on the size of the house for installation recommended.

Finally, cut the thread seems a step forward, a sort of liberation from the chains of the IT infrastructure. I would warn the reader, but a more balanced and reasoned before the wireless revolution. There are still (and will in the future provided) on reasonable grounds are well designed cabling system from the list of options, your dream home.

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