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Computer Network Management

Today it is almost inconceivable for a society that does not have a computer, be it a building or a high-tech. If a company has more than one computer, usually connected in a network. These networks may be more or less advanced and therefore more or less expensive.

Companies invest a lot (in terms of time and money) in a local network, because there are many benefits that a local area network, a company can do and how it is administered.

Some companies use a local network so that they are very dependent on the functions provided. If the network outside the company, who see everyone talking in the hallways because they do their work. This means heavy losses for the company and take the stress of employees. All companies should consider their local networks and an important tool downtime must be avoided. This places high demands on network staff in these networks of almost 100% of the time is pressing.

The advantages of computerized management

A major advantage of installation and maintenance of local networks is the ability to create better communication and collaboration between employees and customers.

Safety: the safety of the local network may be a help and hindrance. Global security is an advantage because it provides a strategy for access to centralized and secure data and disaster. All information will be protected from conception and implementation of network security solutions. On the other hand, computers in local networks creates a security risk because it makes it technically possible for intruders to access the network simultaneously.

Economic considerations: The installation of a LAN is a relatively expensive project. Servers, cabling, switches, routers and all software can be expensive and may not be purchased without professional advice. Keep the network operating system, and certainly a lot of resources and can be expensive.

Surprisingly, a local network with a series of cost reductions. Sharing these resources for the purchase of equipment for each avoided. More important is the safety, provide a local network. Data loss can cost a company money and in some cases, the company completely eliminated. Network management team, a consistent routine of backing up data with regular checks of data quality - a practice that outlines the large companies if this is not stored.

Computer network management: preliminary analysis

The first phase of the management of the computer network is to identify the source of the problem (a preliminary study looking at different options with different coverage can be useful) and the definition of a requirements specification. Examples of what should be evaluated different network operating systems, mail systems and other applications. The choice of hardware should be investigated. This phase is usually the creation of what the system should not, as it should do.

Computer Network Management: Design Phase

The project's objective is to determine how the specification requirements must be met. The current approach for large, complex projects, that is, break them into smaller, more manageable subprojects.

Computer Network Management: Implementation Phase

This phase includes the physical installation of the network. Pass the cable, the software is installed and configured the computers and other equipment.

Computer Network Management: Integration and test phase of the system

In this phase, the network implementation begins and procedure to suit the users and operators. The system must be tested to ensure that the network either with the requirements of the specification that is sufficiently stable for the central role in the organization operates.

Computer network management: operation and maintenance

Local networks are complex routine of the operating system. This is because it can have serious consequences for failure or unauthorized access to the system. Many companies have employees dedicated solely responsible for the operation and maintenance equipment business forward. This system of networking issues, including performance, reliability and security of hardware and software to navigate.

Computer Network Management Tools

Although the organization can have the computer administrators in the field, but must also monitor the network for more than eight hours a day. In fact, some of the worst problems are with nets during the night when no one believes made in the network. With team right network management tools, your organization can be sure that there are problems to be expected, but it can be avoided and - the network administrator can be notified at a time, everything must go very badly

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